Healthy Snacks for Holidays & Occasions, instead of eating rice with side dishes, kids actually prefer snacking know. Especially if it tastes sweet and savory. No wonder the kids love the chocolate and cookies. To work around this, provide healthy snacks that are easy to make.

You can set it up with a fast time. The ingredients were easily obtained. Children also will like because it tastes sweet and delicious. Find below Healthy Snacks for Holidays & Occasions :


Select a delicious burger bread from wheat bread rich in fiber, then fill with boiled eggs are loaded with protein. Add lettuce and tomato slices too. Cheese and mayonnaise also make food taste more delicious burgers. The bread contains carbohydrates and vegetables will supply the nutritional needs of the baby.

Sate Fruit

Fruits are rich in water and fiber, ranging from melon, papaya, watermelon, grapes and apples cut into pieces and pierced with skewers puncture. You can also insert a piece of cheese in stitches. The fruit contains a high vitamin and good for kids. Vitamin C will be keeping a healthier and less susceptible to disease.

Choco Cake

Cake is a sweet addition to healthy. You can make it from wheat flour or wheat flour and mix with chocolate paste, in addition to a snack too filling. So that the little getting hooked, you can add grated cheese on top.

Ice Cream Yogurt

Children usually love the ice cream. You can make ice cream from liquid yogurt ice cream is poured into molds and freeze. Add pieces of colorful fruit to be more beautiful and attractive.

Fruit Chips

The chips were crisp and sweet fruits are usually favored by children. The content of vitamins in fruits ranging from vitamins A, C, E is good for them. Apple chips, jackfruit, strawberries become a choice for a snack during the holidays.