Your eyes radiate your inner beauty, and eyes that look bright and refreshed can take years off your appearance. Here are a few tips on how to make your eyes look bigger and more radiant.

Eye cream should be called ‘eye candy’. Your eyes can become damaged from dryness due to a lack of oil glands around them. To reverse dryness, and the fine lines and wrinkles that can show up, use a deeply moisturizing eye cream every morning and evening. Our Orbital Eye Rejuvenator has received rave reviews from celebrities, beauty editors and everyday women alike and our newest eye serum, the Age Defying Eye Creme Concentrate has become just as popular.

There’s strength in your weakest finger – the ring finger. Using your ring finger to apply eye cream will produce a gentle pressure and help warm the product so it virtually melts into skin.

Sunglasses can do more than just make you look cool, they protect your eyes. Wearing proper eye-wear can help reduce squinting that can cause fine lines. It also gives you a healthy excuse to rock those expensive sunglasses you just bought.

Use the refrigerator to enhance your eye cream results. A simple rule of physics everyone should know is that cold contracts molecules and heat expands them. This is why it cold weather deflates tires and balloons. So why is this important? It’s as true for your car tires and balloons as it is for you. Putting your eye cream in the fridge for a few minutes before applying will help reduce puffiness faster and you’ll enjoy a gentle cooling sensation that will wake up eyes, especially after a long night