10 Best Foods That Increase Intelligence, Do you want your child’s intelligence increases? Then fill the nutritional intake by choosing healthy foods to be consumed daily. You as a parent should be able to pay attention to nutrition and nutritional needs them every day. Food-Best Foods That Increase Intelligence

If you are confused about what foods you should give to your children, here are some foods that are labeled as “Brain Food”, in which the foods are believed to improve concentration and memory, and stimulate the growth of brain cells. So, what are best Foods That Increase Intelligence? As reported by the Compass, here are 10 good food for the brain:

1. Salmon
This fatty fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), which are crucial to the growth and development of brain function. Recent research also shows that people who get the intake of omega-3 fatty acid is known minded banya sharper and obtain satisfactory results in testing capabilities. According to experts, although tuna also contain omega-3 fatty acids, but pregnancy is not as much as salmon.

2. Eggs
Eggs have long been recognized as an important source of protein that is easily available and the price is quite affordable. Although it contains cholesterol, egg yolk part was rich in choline, which is a substance that can help the development of memory or memory.

3. Peanut butter
Peanuts and peanut butter are known to be rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that plays a role in protecting nerve cell membranes. Together thiamine, vitamin E will help nerve cells and municipalities to use glucose as an energy needs.

4. Whole grains
The brain requires a constant supply or supply of glucose from the body that are stable or constant. Whole grains have a role to menduku need it. Fibers contained in it can help regulate the release of glucose in the body. These foods also contain vitamin B which is useful in maintaining the health of the nervous system.

10 Best Foods That Increase Intelligence5. Oats
Oats or oatmeal is a kind of cereals that are popular among children. Oatmeal is an important source of nutrients for the brain. Oats are able to provide energy to the brain much needed children in initiating activities in the morning. In addition, the fiber in oats also have a role to keep the child’s brain needs are met throughout the morning. The other ingredients such as zinc, potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin E, which is in oats can make the body function and brain functioning in top condition.

6. Berries
Berries such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and so many important nutrients that are good for health. High antioxidant berries, especially vitamin C, has a role to prevent cancer. Several studies have shown that extracts of strawberry and blueberry improved memory function. Seeds of berries are known also contain omega-3 fatty acids

7. Nuts
Nuts is a special food because it offers a myriad of energy derived from complex carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, nuts are also a good source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Peanut said to be good for the brain because these foods can provide energy longer and helps children’s ability to think. Based on the research results, pinto beans and kidney beans contain omega-3 fatty acids (especially ALA) more than other types of nuts.

8. Colored vegetables
Carrots, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are vegetables rich in nutrients and antioxidants that will make brain cells become stronger and healthier.

9. Lean beef
Lean beef is a source of food that is rich in iron. Iron is an essential mineral that can help children concentrate and stay energized while in school. Beef also contains other minerals such as zinc which can help maintain memory.

10. Milk and Yogurt
Foods from dairy products tend to contain B vitamins and protein. Both types of these essential nutrients can help the growth of brain tissue, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. Milk and yogurt can also helpful stomach because of the content of carbohydrates and protein as well as a source of energy for the brain.